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Injured construction worker in need of a lawyerHandling A Construction Accident in New York

Every workplace presents some risk of injury. However, construction workers are at a significantly higher risk of suffering workplace injuries when compared to other workplaces. Check out our list of common workplace injuries to help you lookout for dangerous worksites.

Due to this, many employers adhere to strict regulations that mandate regular safety briefings and equipment inspections. So workplace accidents are less frequent. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fully eliminate construction accidents in New York, which is why you may need a lawyer who can handle the task. You should speak with a construction site accident lawyer, like Falk & Klebanoff, as soon as possible. We can help you understand the steps involved when injured at a construction site and can discuss the details of your injury so that you can receive maximum damages for your work injuries.

What Should I Do Immediately After The Injury?

When you have been hurt on a construction site, seconds matter. So it is important to act quickly and get first aid treatment. This way you can make a full recovery. Of course, this depends on the severity of the injury. You will likely be able to treat minor cuts and burns with simple ease. However, a more serious injury may lead to a trip to the emergency room. Which in that case likely means a longer recovery period, and thus the need for workers’ compensation.

When Should I Tell My Employer?

In short, tell your employer as soon as possible. In most cases, this happens right after receiving treatment for the injury. And once you are able, report to your employer about the accident. Doing so is necessary in many states in order to secure full workers’ compensation benefits for ongoing treatment. And it is important to have an early report of the accident and helps get the most money in the compensation package. When reporting the injury, make sure your statement is as detailed as possible. This is good practice and can actually help you remember notable dates or details about the incident.

How Should I Handle Medical Treatment?

It all depends on how serious the injury is in the first place. More serious injuries need to simply go straight to the emergency room. Handle some of the details once you are okay. Then, be sure to follow any treatment directions or instructions given to you by the doctor who treats you for your injuries so you can make a full recovery. Your health takes a front seat to everything else.

And this should go without saying, but only take prescription medication as directed by the doctor. And do not return to work without a doctor’s permission as well. Not following the orders or treatments by a doctor can leave you vulnerable to missing out on full workers compensation. So it is important to follow all instructions. No matter how big or small. And when you finally do return to work, do not operate any heavy machinery while under the influence of prescription medication.

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