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A green card is also referred to as a permanent residence card or a "permanent visa." A green card is a type of legal document that is issued by the federal government and indicates if a person is lawfully allowed to permanently live and work in the United States.

When it comes to green cards, they fall into a few different categories. If you need a lawyer to help with obtaining a green card, then please reach out to our Long Island, New York law office. Many in the tri-state area turn to us for the best representation in regards to immigration law. The number for our office is 516-564-4200. When you call, we can provide you with a no obligation consultation and go over your legal situation.

Green Card Categories

It is important to understand that green cards can fall under certain categories. So, before applying, you must determine the type of green card you require. The law office of Falk and Klebanoff has years of experience working within immigration law on Long Island, New York and has successfully helped many in the area obtain their proper green card and visa. Knowing which green card category that an immigrant falls under is important for the green card application process. So by having a team of lawyers help you ensures that you are on the right path to obtaining the green card.

Here are some example of the types of green card categories that immigrant may fall under. By understanding the categories, we can bring an immigrant on Long Island one step closer to obtaining green card status.

Family-Based Green Cards

An individual may be eligible to apply for a green card if they are an immediate family member of a U.S. citizen, such as a child, spouse, parent, widow or widower, fiancé, or close relative of a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident.

There may also be additional requirements, depending on which subcategory that a prospective green card candidate chooses. This holds especially true for applicants who are applying for a marriage visa. For the most part, marriage visas typically require adhering to special procedural rules.

Employment-Sponsored Green Cards or Work Visas

There are certainly times where an employer acts as a sponsor for a green card applicant. Some common examples of these types of workers includes immigrant investors, a worker with an advanced degree, someone with special skills for a specific profession, a physician who is working at a clinical practice, or someone who possesses extraordinary abilities, such as in art, athletics, or science.

However, you do not need to be ultra-skilled in order to gain a sponsored green card. Unskilled workers can also qualify for employer sponsorship if they agree to perform unskilled labor tasks that may require less than two years of experience. It is important to note that the criteria for employment-based green cards is quite specific and is assigned by separate preference-based subcategories.

Green Cards Through Special Immigrant Status or In Unique Circumstances

There are a wide range of reasons as to why an immigrant should be issued a green card. And there is a long list of immigrants who may qualify under these categories. This list includes:

  • refugees
  • asylees
  • juveniles
  • victims of domestic violence, crime, human trafficking, etc.
  • have diplomatic status
  • international broadcasters
  • religious workers
  • people who satisfy the continuous residency requirements
  • qualify under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program or other immigration-based program

Green Card Restrictions

When it comes to the issuing of a green card, it is important to note that the United States places a restriction on the number of green cards that get issued per category. So, it is strongly encouraged that you reach out to our immigration law team for a consultation before undergoing this process. With our help, we can ensure that you choose the category best suited to your situation, as well as that you comply with all green card requirements.

Why You Should Meet With An Immigration Law Attorney

There are many procedures and requirements that an immigrant must follow in order to obtain approval for a green card. So meeting with an immigration law attorney to go over the parameters of your request is highly encouraged. This way you know that you properly filed for a green card. Any mistake or false information on the application can have serious repercussions. But when you are in the hands of the immigration law team at Falk & Klebanoff, we will make sure your application meets the requirements.

As experienced immigration lawyers, we are familiar with the relevant immigration laws, as well as the entire process. We can assist you in completing the application and make the whole process go smoothly and efficiently. And we can help to determine the best category for your green card eligibility.

And should any issues arise with your green card application, then we can ably explain what the issues may be, as well as how to fix them. This way you can be on your way to an approval for your green card! Many on Long Island and across the greater New York City area turn to Falk & Klebanoff for the best in immigration law. Get the #1 team for immigration law working for you today!

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