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Situations When You Need To Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Not all situations call for the hiring of an immigration lawyer. Sometimes the process can be completed by yourself. However, that is not always the case. And working with an attorney who is fully aware of all current immigration law can greatly reduce the risk of errors or simple mistakes. Problems that may seem trivial can cause major issues down the road. Due to this, many people opt for hiring immigration lawyers in New York to help deal with various issues and applications. This includes submitting an application for a visa or green card.

But there are also some situations where hiring an immigration lawyer on Long Island is absolutely necessary. Let's take a look at some common examples of situations where you likely need an immigration lawyer on Long Island.

For legal representation regarding immigration matters, turn to Falk & Klebanoff. We can help you with many issues arising from immigration law, including citizenship and naturalization. Get the best immigration lawyers on Long Island on your side when you turn to the law office of Falk & Klebanoff.

Crime Conviction

If the applicant for immigration has been convicted of committing a crime, then they will need to work with an immigration lawyer in order to get their paperwork in order. Many of the forms requires that the applicant divulge whether they have been convicted of a crime. So, in the application, then applicant must properly disclose their entire criminal record. This includes charges that were dropped or later expunged, too.

When you work with an immigration lawyer, like ourselves, we will be aware of how immigration and criminal laws overlap, thus eliminating the need for a separate criminal defense lawyer. Our law office can handle any immigration applicant dealing with a crime conviction.

Application Denied

If a prior application was denied, then an immigration lawyer will need to be there for a new submission. As your immigration lawyer, we can help you to determine why the application was denied, as well as determine whether is is possible to appeal the application or if we can reapply at a later date. Many in Long Island have turned to us over the years for legal guidance on immigration issues. So we can help when it comes to naturalization, work visas and green cards.

Previous Deportation

If an applicant has been previously deported or excluded from entry into the United States, then they will need to hire an immigration law attorney. The deportation or exclusion can sometimes mean that the applicant is permanently banned from future applications. So it is on the immigration lawyer to help determine the legal standing. An immigration lawyer can determine whether that is the case and advise the applicant about the potential effects of deportation and exclusion.

Medical Condition

There are certain medical conditions that may prevent someone from being granted entry into the US. In general, communicable diseases are ones that stop entry. As knowledgeable Long Island immigration lawyers, we will be able to help all applicants determine whether or not their medical condition renders them ineligible for entry and advise them on what their overall options are for the situation.

Unreasonable Wait Times

When an applicant has been waiting for an unreasonably long amount of time during the application process, then it is a smart idea to turn to an immigration law attorney. As experienced immigration lawyers, we are familiar with the application process. This includes knowing how long deadlines are, as well as expected wait times. With our experience, we can assist in the application process and help potentially to obtain expedited or rush processing. Ensuring that your immigration application is moving along.

Employer is Not Cooperating

There are scenarios where the applicant is applying for an employment-based visa, but the employer is not cooperating with the process. When this happens, hiring an immigration attorney is wise. As you immigration lawyer, we can help ensure that employers are fulfilling their obligations to the applicant and not slowing down the application process.

Marriage is Terminated

Complications can arise if the applicant was married to a United States citizen, but the marriage was terminated before the applicant was able to remove certain conditions from their permanent resident status. In general, visa applications based on a marriage get filed jointly. So, if the marriage was terminated because of death or divorce, then it may be difficult to prove that the marriage was not fraudulent. Which is why getting an immigration lawyer to help out is a wise decision.

Recently Divorced

If an applicant wants to change their permanent resident status, but is recently divorced and married to a different United States citizen, then issues may arise that require a lawyer. This is because the first marriage may be suspected of being a scam. However, with the help of an immigration lawyer, then we can prove it to be legitimate.

A Child Under 21

The eligibility for permanent resident status differs based on the immigrant's age. And the eligibilities are different for children under the age of 21. If the applicant is coming with their family and the child may reach 21 before being granted permanent resident status, then an experience immigration attorney can offer legal advice in regards to the best method for filing for children of applicants.

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