Ladder Injury Lawyer FAQs

Have you sustained an injury from a ladder and looking for a lawyer on Long Island, New York? The law office at Falk & Klebanoff has years of experience working in personal injury and ladder accidents. Here are some common FAQs about ladder injuries.

What Are Ladder Injuries?

A ladder injury is an injury someone sustains when a person falls off a ladder. In some cases, these incidents can involve very serious injuries or even death. Especially when these falls occur from very high places up on a ladder. Ladder injuries are quite common and can happen in various settings, including:

  • At work
  • At home (for repairs and home projects)
  • In connection with construction, painting or other projects
  • Any setting here there is a need to reach something high up.

A ladder injury can involve different types of ladders, which include the following:

  • Metal ladders
  • Wooden ladders
  • Rope ladders
  • Retractable ladders
  • Extendable ladders
  • Step ladders

What are the Biggest Causes of Ladder Falls?

Ladder accidents are surprisingly common in the United States. They account for hundreds of workplace injuries every year with many being fatal. So, what are the biggest causes of ladder falls? A common fall from a ladder can result from user errors or from ladder defects and they include:

  • Defective ladders
  • Human error
  • Incorrect height or type of ladder for the job
  • Damaged rungs
  • Improperly secured ladders
  • Improperly opened or positioned ladders
  • Transport of dangerous objects or heavy loads
  • Recklessness or horseplay on ladder

The two main causes of falls from a ladder are, unsurprisingly, human error and defective ladders. Defective ladders can result from both manufacturer defects, as well as from using an old, improperly cared for or damaged ladder. In some cases, a ladder defect from the manufacturer can be the cause for the fall. In this case, the victim may have grounds for a product liability claim.

Using the incorrect ladder or wrong ladder size is also a common way to cause a ladder accident. Many workplaces only have one or two sizes of ladder, so instead of getting another ladder the worker will feel compelled to use what they already have. Except what they already have is not equipped for the job at hand and thus leads to a dangerous situation. As a result, the worker may be required to stretch or use unsafe practices to reach high objects, which subsequently can lead to a bad fall. Incorrect ladder size is a common accident that leads to the injured party seeking a lawyer and workers compensation.

What is the Most Common Type of Ladder Accident?

The most common type of ladder accident is simply the fall. There are other types of accidents that happen while on a ladder, like breaking a finger in the joint or hurting oneself while moving a ladder. But the fall trumps all of these quite significantly. A fall from height, even if it is just a few feet, can cause serious injury. Falls from significant heights or while carrying heavy objects can cause a catastrophic injury and potentially even death.

A common fall from a ladder can lead to injuries that are painful to ones that are catastrophic. Even a minor fall from a ladder may require emergency room care with concussions and fractures are risk for any type of fall. Some of the common injuries from a ladder fall include traumatic brain injuries, head, neck, and skull fractures, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones. Brain injuries are among the most severe injuries that a victim can suffer. A concussion is a less severe brain injury, but it can still have lasting impacts on the victim who fell.

Some catastrophic ladder falls can cause permanent disabilities, like paralysis, and some may never recover from the incident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a ladder accident, either at home or at work, then our law office can help you figure out a plan of action and if there is a case. Our lawyers can help you fully understand your options for recovering compensation for your ladder accident and injury.

Need a Lawyer for a Ladder Accident & Injury?

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