Traffic Violations

Falk & Klebanoff PC is here to help and handle all traffic violation issues and summonses in any court. Things happen while driving. You may receive a traffic summons for a moving or non-moving violation, such as no license, registration or insurance.

Our goal is to reduce the effect of the violation on your license and insurance premiums. So please, contact us today for representation. The number for our office is 516-564-4200. When you call, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. On top of helping with various traffic violations, we can also provide representation if you have been in a car accident. Our law firm is here to help you when you have any sort of traffic violation and need representation in court.

Police car pulling another car overThe Difference Between Moving Violations vs. Non-Moving Violations

There is a difference in traffic tickets when it comes to moving violations and non-moving violations. A moving violation occurs whenever a traffic law is violated by a moving vehicle. This includes speeding, running a stop sign, or failing to yield. Whereas a non-moving violation is related to parking or faulty equipment. Some popular examples include illegal parking tickets, like parking in front of a fire hydrant, parking too close to the curb, parking in a no-parking zone, or parking in front of an expired meter.

Learn when you may need a lawyer for a moving violation. The law office of Falk & Klebanoff offers representation for both moving and non-moving violations. As well as help with auto accident claims and help dealing with insurance companies.

Moving & Non-Moving Traffic Violations Services:

  • Speeding, Red Lights & Cell Phone
  • Equipment Violations
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Insurance, Registration or Inspection Issues
  • Overweight, Faulty Brakes or Other Trucker Violations

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