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Have you or a loved one ever been injured in a car accident? The answer for most people is yes. When a car accident happens, then filing for a claim is the next step. These claims can differ in their meaning, but most stem from the fact that there was an injury to somebody. So, this claim is a request to the insurance company asking for fair compensation for any money damages related to the car accident case. And sometimes you may need a lawyer in court to help with the auto or car accident claims.

Understanding the different types of car and auto accident claims is very important and goes a long way into recovering financially from the accident. When you need help filing these car accident claims, simply turn to the law office of Falk and Klebanoff. We have years of experience helping clients across Long Island and the greater New York area with their car accident claims. And we can represent you in court, if need be. So please, do not hesitate to fill out a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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When you reach out to our law office, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over exactly what you need. Get an auto accident claims lawyer in New York that you can trust when you turn to Falk and Klebanoff. With our law office, we will get you in touch with an experienced car accident lawyer. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today!

Types of Auto Accident Claims

When you get into a auto accident, there are a few different legal claims that relate to the incident and you may need a lawyer to help with the suit. Here is a brief overview of these differences.

  • Property Damage (PD) Claim: When damage occurs to your car, a property damage claim relates to repairing or replacing the car due to the subsequent damage.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Claim: When you file a PIP auto insurance coverage claim, it pays for most medical bills that relate back to the car accident. Depending on the coverage, PIP may pay up to 80% of the medical bills stemming from the crash.
  • Bodily Injury (BI) Claim: As you may guess, the bodily injury claim provides compensation for injuries that happened due to the car accident.

Once you know the type of car or auto accident claim, file it. We can offer representation in court when the time arises. There are certain steps to know about what to do after a car accident. When you turn to Falk and Klebanoff, you will be getting a car accident lawyer that knows the ins and outs of the field. Many across Long Island, New York turn to us for the best legal representation regarding auto accident claims.

We Do The Legal Work For Your Car Accident Claim

When it comes down to the negotiating of an insurance settlement, there is a lot of work that goes into doing it properly. After you have been in a car accident, you may be spent from an injury or the mental exhaustion of dealing with other factors. So taking on the claim for the auto accident without a lawyer may lead to some mistakes. After all, it is a time-consuming process with potentially a lot of legal hurdles.

And not only that, this is likely the first time you are dealing with an accident claim. So you might not know exactly how to move forward. Whereas our car accident lawyers have years of experience handling auto accident claims. Suffice it to say, we have faced all sorts of tricks and tactics the insurance companies try to pull. And we have the experience to work through those elements. We will help gather all of the necessary evidence in order to help you win your claim. From gathering police reports, to witness statements, to medical records and bills. You can trust our legal team to help you with the claim!

On top of that, we can also help with the actual settlement with the insurance company. Ensuring that all the details are correct and you win the claim you deserve. And take care of filing the necessary paperwork.

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