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The firm at Falk & Klebanoff, located in West Hempstead, New York, has years of experience practicing labor law and defends people throughout Long Island, New York. Since 1995, we have been offering superior legal services to clients throughout Long Island, New York and New Jersey. We are members of the Nassau County Bar Association, New York State Trial Lawyers Association, American Justice Association, New York and New Jersey State Bar Associations. And we are licensed to practice in both state and federal courts. When you turn to Falk & Klebanoff, we can provide you with expert legal advice and counsel on labor law and its surrounding aspects.

What Exactly is Labor Law?

Labor law is also known as employment law. This type of law mediates the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions, and the government. When breaking down, there are two types of labor laws: collective and individual. Collective labor law relates to the shared relationship between employees, employers, and any unions. Whereas individual labor law concerns only employees’ work rights. Government agencies enforce labor laws and ensure that all working conditions are socially acceptable. This is done with the creation of OSHA and the safety rules they lay down. If they are not, that is where we come in. We handle all sorts of labor law cases and strive for justice when working conditions are inadequate.

Keeping A Safe Work Environment

When it comes to labor law, one of the most important uses for it is to keep a safe work environment. This is all due to the creation of OSHA with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This ordinance sets safety regulation in place to minimize workplace danger and aims to reduce hazardous situations. This means companies need to work hand-in-hand with OSHA and their guidelines. For example, companies need to make sure their employees understand the dangers and have the right information to get in touch with OSHA. OSHA also requires employers to disclose to workers the right to seek training, set up an inspection or report any safety concerns.

Labor Law & Unions

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Labor law most commonly regards the rights and responsibilities of unionized employees. Many workers see unions as beneficial, since these work groups have more power negotiating together as opposed to individually. Good unions negotiate for better pay, more convenient hours, and an increase in workplace safety. However, unions do have limitations. So leaders must treat all union members fairly and not restrict a union member’s right to speech, assembly, and voting powers.

When dealing with a union member, employers also have rules to follow. For example, employers may only negotiate with a designated union representative. So the relationship between union rep and the employer must work, since he or she speaks for a larger group of people.

When it comes down to laws, states make their own in terms of labor relations. However, all of these laws must comply with the federal statute on the matter, which is the National Labor Relations Act.

States are allowed to make their own laws concerning labor relations, but all of these laws must comply with the federal statute, known as the National Labor Relations Act. Labor law also refers to the set of standards for working conditions and wage laws. These laws prohibit child labor and sets a minimum wage. They also follow the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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