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Importance of Understanding Long Island Labor Laws

Gavel and glasses on top of a bookIn a nutshell, labor laws are protections and safeguards to help ensure employees are safe and protected at the workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates many labor laws and regulations. This leads to enforcement of safer and healthier workplaces. Any failure to follow the labor laws set in place may result in financial penalties and lawsuits. So it is best practice to work within the guidelines. However, any labor law claims on Long Island are due in part from the fact that some measures were not taken. This is where our expertise comes in. We will review the case and help in any way we can.

Labor law compliance on Long Island requires you to stay up to date on the legal landscape. Otherwise, your business may be falling short of safe business operations and at risk of a claim being filed. Following and keeping apprised of all federal and state labor laws and regulations is integral to running any business. However, it is clear that large companies have an advantage here, since they have the luxury of hiring HR professionals and legal counsel to stay in compliance.

This is more urgent and pressing for small businesses, who lack these resources. But a lack of resources is not a valid excuse for breaking a labor law and will not hold up in a Long Island court. So, it’s critical to stay on top of these issues, as labor and employment regulations are among the easiest to violate. Our law firm can make sure you are staying up to date and help you stay in line. Learn more about how our law firm handles labor law and its importance in keeping workplaces safe.

Child Labor Laws

Hiring minors to work is not uncommon on Long Island. However, there are certain regulations in place to ensure a safe workspace for them. Under the FLSA of 1938, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure a safe workplace for the child (and obviously for all workers). No workplace should threaten the well-being or schooling of your young staff members.

When it comes to treatment, no employer should treat minors the same as their adult staff. This also goes for hours. When you schedule a minor's hours for the week, they are only able to work a certain amount. And this amount also depends on the industry. For example, you can hire someone 14 or younger to be employed as actors or performers, to work certain agriculture jobs, deliver newspapers, or work for their parents.

However, there are strict laws in place to ensure they are still treated as young children. Each state has its own set of laws, so Long Island is no different when it comes to their labor law. As an experienced law firm, we can help you set down some guidelines to ensure you are within your rights.

Labor Law Terms to Know

When it comes to labor law in New York, it is important to acquaint yourself with some important terms. One such term is collective bargaining. This is the act of negotiating with a union. A common way for many in New York to effectively handle work injuries and labor laws. It affords the best protection for those in need.

Another term is organize. When you use this term in the context of labor, it means to form a union. Again, unions are crucial for workplaces, as they are a means to fight against inequality.

And lastly, we have right to work laws. This is legislation that prohibits or restricts employees' abilities to unionize. All of these keywords go together as they pertain to labor law in New York. Many workers' compensation cases revolve around the need and desire for unions. Which allow for better equality among all workers. Places without a union means that some workers may not benefit as they should. And in many instances, this is when they need they intervention of a law firm like Falk & Klebanoff. Get representation you can trust!

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