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The law office of Falk & Klebanoff has years of experience representing clients for injuries that stem from slips and falls at work. When a slip and fall accident is caused by a hazardous condition that should have been fixed by a property owner, then the victim may be entitled to compensation from the ensuing injury.

If you sustain an injury from a slip and fall accident, then it is important to hire a lawyer who can help get you the compensation you deserve. And one that understands the law in a way that covers all areas pertaining to your injury. Whether it was a work accident or a slip and fall in public. Because one thing will remain constant no matter where the injury occurs and that is that the property owners or the employer will fight your claim.

Should You File a Slip & Fall Lawsuit?

However, when you turn to Falk & Klebanoff, we can help fight your slip and fall injury claim. We have years of experience representing clients who injure themselves from slips and falls and will do everything in our power to get your claim. Reach out to our Long Island law office today to get started with your legal action.

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On top of slips and falls, we also represent clients for other work injuries, too. As well as injuries that happen at a construction site or in your vehicle. If you suffered a personal injury and believe a claim is due, then we are the legal team for you!

Common Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents

When you slip and fall and injure yourself, there are some common causes as to how it may have happened. Any slip and fall accident can occur on either private or public property. When you are at work, there may be grounds for a workers' compensation claim. If that is the case, we can help you with the claim. If it simply happened on someone's property, there may be a way to file a personal injury claim. But wherever the injury took place, there are some commonalities as to the cause of the injury. Let's take a quick look at some of the most common causes for slip and fall accidents.

  • slippery and wet floors
  • poor or inadequate lighting
  • cracked or uneven flooring
  • potholes
  • ladders
  • scaffolding
  • defects in the pavement
  • snow and ice
  • broken handrails
  • damaged or torn floor mats
  • stray electrical wires or cords
  • dirty and trash covered floors

Sometimes when a slip and fall accident occurs, the cause of the accident may not be immediately apparent. If you suffer an accident after a slip and fall, taking a picture of the area is crucial. This picture can later be used as evidence for your injury claim. And prevent the property owner from fixing whatever happened that led to the injury and claim indifference. Our legal team can help with these details and sort out what we can use for your injury claim.

Types of Work Injuries Through Slips & Falls

As with any sort of accident, there are various injuries one can incur after a slip and fall. Some of these injuries can be mild, but others may be severe. The severity of the injury impacts the claim. Obviously, the more severe the injury, the more money you would receive in your claim. Let's take a look at some of the more common types of injuries you may get through a slip and fall accident.

  • muscle strains
  • sprains
  • fractures
  • nerve damage
  • internal organ injuries
  • neck injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • paralysis
  • death

Many of these accidents result in a stay at a hospital. And may even require weeks or months of recovery time. For the most severe of injuries, the recovery time can even be years. Or in the worst-case scenario, no full recovery is made due to the significance of the injury. For the lengthier recoveries, the medical bills will be higher. These medical bills are one of the major aspects to get covered by a claim. And our law firm will do everything in our power to make sure that as much of those bills get covered as legally possible.

Once you move past the recovery time, there is also the amount of time you miss at work. Depending on the situation and where the incident takes place, the loss of work can be a factor in the claim, too. The inability to maintain your employment can be lengthy and lead to a significant loss of income. And it makes it all the more imperative that you get adequate compensation for the injury.

Lastly, slips and fall in the most severe of cases can lead to death. When this happens, the family of the victim may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim. In which case our law office will be by your side helping you manage this situation.

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