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Needing a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket is more common that you might imagine. Our Long Island law firm will go above and beyond for you and make sure you get justice. There are a few different reasons you would need a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket. It is not always as cut and dry as "I did not do it." There are nuances in the law where perhaps the penalty is too severe for the ticket. From fighting speeding tickets or objecting to red light camera tickets, our law office can provide you with able legal counsel to fight these charges or lessen the penalty.

Information Included on Your Traffic Ticket

When it comes to your traffic ticket violation, it is helpful to know the kind of information it includes. Traffic tickets can vary, but they usually contain the same basic items. However, it is common practice to have your fine and eligibility for traffic school to be sent in the mail with your court summons. So do not expect that on the citation itself.

Here is an overview on the type of information you are likely to find on your traffic ticket. If you need a lawyer in regard to a traffic ticket, then the law office of Falk and Klebanoff can help!

Vehicle Information

The first thing the officer writes down is the vehicle information. This includes the make/model, color, license plate number, and registration number of your car or truck. Depending on the violation, the officer may also call in this information to check for any outstanding warrants.

Time & Place of the Alleged Offense

The exact location, date and time of the offense is always recorded. So yes, it is possible to form a defense around missing or mistaken information on the traffic ticket. However, even if there is a mistake, that does not mean the citation is grounds for dismissal.

The Violation

When an officer writes the ticket, it usually has a description of the offense as well as the violation of the vehicle code section. So when you are fighting a traffic ticket, providing your lawyer with the code offers the defense team the opportunity to build a case. They can do some independent research into how to handle the specifics of your case. For example, see if the fines are similar amounts to the one in questions.

However, it is important to note that not all violations can be fought in a court hearing. The traffic ticket summons in the mail will detail if you may or may not contest the ticket in a court hearing. Only proceed to a lawyer if it is a traffic ticket you can fight.

Officer Identification

The officer writing the ticket must indicate his or her name, their badge number and a signature. If you decide to contest the ticket, the officer who wrote the ticket will have the chance to testify on the validity of the violation.

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