What To Do After An Injury

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When you suffer a personal injury and you think you deserve compensation for it, there are a few things you can do to help your case. Here we will go over some of those aspects regarding a personal injury claim. Helping to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Every day, many people suffer injuries that cause not only physical harm, but also emotional and financial burdens. In addition to worrying about their recovery, victims are faced with a host of tough questions. From how they will afford their medical bills, to when they can return to work, to making up for lost wages, getting injured raises many difficulties. Then there is the question of receiving fair compensation from your insurance company.

Here is a quick list of some important steps to follow after you suffer what you believe is a serious injury that has a claim in court.

A shaking of handsReceive Medical Attention ASAP

The first step you must take is to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. This includes even if you think you are fine. This is due to the fact that many injuries do not take immediate effect. Especially when you may be in shock. However, a qualified physician will be able to identify and treat your injuries quickly. And not only that, but they will also create an official record for all insurance and legal purposes. And be sure to follow any instructions from the doctor, as this may play a role in your personal injury claim.

Report The Injury To Proper Authority

Of course, this reporting of the injury depends on exactly where you sustain the injury. For car accidents, please contact the police as soon as possible. When they arrive, have them fill out a crash report. If you get injured in a fall at a store, find the manager and get him to file a report. Get a copy of that report for the record. But no matter the injury, ensure that it is reported to the fullest extent and to the proper people. This way there is an official document of the incident.

Keep All Records

The best way for you to recover maximum compensation is by building a strong foundation for your case, which means compiling all documents related to the incident. This includes police reports, medical or repair bills, employer records evidencing lost wages, and photographs of your injuries and the accident scene. Also, be sure to get witness statements regarding the incident. This way, there are others who can corroborate your story.

In addition, have the doctor who treated you create a detailed report. The extent of your injuries, the recovery process, any disabilities suffered, the duration of your injuries, and the chances that you will fully recover should all be included in the report.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you ever speak with the other party’s insurance company, we recommend that consult with a skilled personal injury lawyer about your case. We all know that the insurance company will not be looking out for your best interest in the claim. Instead, they will attempt to minimize your claim in order to help protect the company’s bottom line. So, finding the right accident and personal attorney in New York can save you a tremendous amount of time and stress when seeking damages for your injury.

Luckily for you, the law firm of Falk & Klebanoff is skilled in this field and can help you get the compensation you so rightly deserve. We handle all sorts of personal injuries and their subsequent cases. Learn more about why you may need a lawyer for your personal injury. For more information about our representation, please reach out to us today.

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